John Deere A

The John Deere styled A, 1937 trike in excellent condition and a fine runner, also in the Vic collection. Designed as a row crop tractor this is a 2-cyl all fuel 309 ci. engine with 34.14 HP at the draw bar, 38.8 HP at the PTO and 38.02 HP at the belt. Manufactured from 1934 to 1952 the John Deere A was a long time work work horse of the John Deere family. Originally mounted with 2 plows under the tractor and able pull a number of implements from behind. This tractor weighs in between 3783 lbs to 5228 lbs.

Styled John Deere A

Of course this is a hand start tractor. We all like the hand start wheel models of the John Deere line. Actually easy to start and strong running.

Starting the John Deere A by hand


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